DIY- Bandana Dress

A couple months ago, we were at a farm show in Amarillo.  One of the venders gave me a couple of CASE bandanas that I thought were pretty neat.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them- a Bandana Dress for my daughter.  I am just now getting around to it…

Here is how I did it.

I got two of the bandanas and sewed them with right sides together.

Then I gathered the very top of the bandanas to make it flow at the bottom.

I then got out one of my daughters dresses and cut out a pattern for the top.  Then I stitched it together, I just eye balled it… 

When the top is all stitched up, just sew it to the gathered skirt.

This is how it looks when it is all stitched up.

I wanted a couple of red accents, so I had some red ribbon that I stitched on for sleeves, a ribbon etc…

Then you are done!