DIY- Easy Outdoor Pillows

I LOVE outdoor pillows!  They add a lot to any outdoor space.  The problem is that they are so expensive.  I decided to make my own Outdoor Pillow Slipcovers.  I am telling you- they are SO easy that you will go crazy making all sorts of outdoor pillows!

I used Outdoor Canvas that I bought at Joann’s for the fabric.  Joann’s actually has a pretty large selection of Outdoor Material.  When I saw this orange fabric, I couldn’t resist it!  I did not want to spend a lot of money on these pillows, so I went to Goodwill and picked up some pillows that were in good shape.  

They were $1-2 a piece.  These pillows are all about 17in x 17in .

 I bought one yard of fabric- one yard made 3 pillow covers.  I cut the material at 18 in x 36 in.

You hem both of the 18 inch sides.

Next, I laid out the material so the sides are over laping about 1 inch and pinned it on both sides.  Make sure the right sides are together.

I then stitched up both of the sides and turned the material out.

Now, I stuffed the pillow in the cover.

You can leave the pillow just like this, but I wanted a little extra feature.  So I stitched on some wooden buttons that I won from a giveaway a while ago.

You are DONE!

These pillows cost me about $4 per pillow (the outdoor canvas is more expensive than regular material).