Monster Pillows

My son found some cute stuffed monsters on Pinterest a few months ago.  And he has been talking about them ever since.  I tried to find the etsy shop that sold them, but I couldn’t find them.  I don’t think she makes them anymore.
 (A reader just commented and shared with me the name of the shop that sold the monsters.  She doesn’t have any listed right now, but she may in the future.  Her shop is called Little Bit Funky.  She is really creative and has some really cute items!)

In fact, my son (who was 9 years old at the time) loved these monsters so much that he made a few for his brothers and sisters and gave them as presents.  He made them all by himself and did a really good job!  

He made these little ones:

So for his birthday, the only thing that he wanted was a monster for himself.  

I decided to make a bigger one and surprise him!

The front has a pocket and I sewed on the letter C, since that is the first letter of his name.  

(Since his birthday, my other son begged for one, so I had to make another monster with the letter A. I am also in the process of making one with a D.)

You should have seen his face when he opened his present!  He was so excited and carried that monster everywhere!  I think he even took it to school to show his friends.  Now the kids at school want one!  🙂

This monster has been everywhere, even camping!  My boys love them, because they use them in the car on long trips as a pillow.

So now, I have more monsters to make… I better get busy!