No-Sew Tulle CINDERELLA Dress!

I recently bought Cinderella on DVD for my daughter.  She has been completely obsessed ever since!  So for Halloween she of course wants to be Cinderella!

This was such an EASY dress to make.  

You need:

 15 yard of Light Blue Tulle 

2 yards of White Tulle

Waffle Headband

A Blinged Out Hair Clip 


What I did was cut the Tulle in 6 inch strips and ran it through the waffle headband.  When the headband was in the middle of the tulle, I tied the tulle in a knot around the headband.  I used the same technique to make the sleeves.

 To cover the waffle headband, I put the dress on my daughter and wrapped the tulle around the headband then I put the hair clip on it to keep it in place.  

Your done!

My daughter absolutely LOVES her dress!

Briana made a similar dress for her daughter but in pink- check it out HERE!