One of the biggest worries that we all have is about our newborn baby’s health and immunity system. We consult several child specialists and pediatricians regarding the things to do and things not to do. We try every advice of the specialists so that to keep our baby away from infections. During the cold and flu season, it is difficult for you to stay away from diseases, let alone the newborn babies. But this is very much possible with a little care and precautions.

 Everyone wants to show off their newborn bundle of joy to everyone in public among friends and relatives. Everyone wants to show how cute it is or how sweet it is to be a proud parent. But to caution, you, never take the newborn to places that are crowded. If a newborn has a fever of 100 degrees or higher, it is advisable to take them immediately to the hospital and get a complete checkup. So it is advised not to take a baby to crowded places as it is not worth getting those filthy germs. Do not take them to shopping centers or a restaurant. Outdoor spaces are made, but you also don’t want somebody sticking his face too close to your baby.

 It may seem paranoid or nitpicky, but you must ask anyone who wants to touch your baby or pick him up in his arms or cuddle him for a moment to properly wash his hands before he or she reaches the baby. You should keep breastfeeding your baby so that there are enough antibodies present in the baby to fight away all those filthy infectious germs and bacteria. In case you know that a family member has fallen sick or is ill, then politely refrain him from coming near the baby, in fact, the person should not even enter the room where the baby is.

 On the other hand suppose you as a mom are suffering from a fever or flu, you should never be away from your baby, in fact you should continue to cuddle the baby and keep on breastfeeding the baby all the time, since you will be providing the baby with the antibodies and other essential nutrients every time you feed. That’s the best way to boost the immune system of your baby. And, also keep the baby away from all germs and infections.

Babies are not perfectly eligible for a flu vaccine until they are six months old. It takes a series of vaccine shots before the baby is fully immunized. You can assure of your baby’s health by administering the flu and whooping cough vaccines along with all the other vaccines. You also make sure that the booster shot of all the vaccines is given to the baby. Soon after the delivery, get the vaccine chart from your consultant and follow the same for the periodical vaccination of your baby. Even the person who is going to take care of the baby should get adequately immunized.

If there is already an elder kid in the house who goes to the daycare or a school, there is always a danger that he might bring home all the filthy germs and bacteria with him. You will not do anything extreme like sending him out of your home to a relative’s or a friend’s house. You got to properly educate and train the child about how to take care of his younger kin and what are the essential steps to be followed before handling the baby or touching him.

These simple steps mentioned above will make you keep your baby healthy and away from infections and germs.