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We are all Sisters: Briana, Brittany, Bridget and Brooke. We grew up in good, old Arizona. We all loved spending our time working outside: gardening with our mom, working on the cattle ranch with our dad and brothers, swinging off the old rope swing into the water hole, playing in the Queen Creek wash behind our house, and performing with our family. Since then we have all married and moved away. Two of us live in Texas and the other two still live in Arizona. We love getting together to talk and laugh. This is our little spot to share, laugh and enjoy each others company! Welcome to Babblings and More!

We come from a large family. With three boys and four girls, there was always something going on and still is! We are all married now except for our youngest brother. We love getting together and spend a lot of time in the kitchen as you can only imagine!

Allow us to introduce ourselves…
Briana is the oldest of the sisters. 

She loves to cook, but doesn’t like the cleaning part as much. She goes through phases on what she likes to do. Sometimes it’s reading, or sewing, or jewerly making, or card making, and the list goes on. She loves photography and loves learning how to edit pictures.

Briana has been married for 12 years.  Her husband is currently an OB/GYN resident.  She is the mother of 5 boys and 2 girls with one more girl on the way due in February 2013.  
As you can imagine, she keeps very busy cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, teaching piano and violin lessons (to her kids), running kids to school, from school and various activities day in and day out!  And to add to all that, as if it’s not already enough, she is taking classes through Arizona State University to finish her Bachelor’s Degree in Family and Human Development.

Brittany is the 2nd Sister.

Brittany keeps extremely busy with her six kids.  She has two girls and four boys.   She gives piano lessons in the afternoons. 
Brittany is very talented at canning.  People come from miles around to learn from her.  She also makes beautiful quilts. And she has a box of homemade cards to send to friends and family. She NEVER forgets a birthday and will gather her whole family around the phone to sing to you!

Bridget is the 3rd, and by far, the Tallest Sister. Bridget and her husband have been married for 9 years. They have 4 little boys.

Bridget has a Candy Shop called Do T Do, where she makes hard candy and suckers out of Essential Oils. It keeps her busy like a part time job and the best thing about it is that it makes her house smelling yummy. Other than candy making she likes to do leather work and fiddle around with her sisters.

Brooke is the youngest of the four sisters.

Brooke has been married for 6 years now and has three crazy, but really cute kids!  They live in Texas where Brooke’s husband, is an Agriculture Engineer.  Brooke’s son is almost 4 years old.  He absolutely LOVES chainsaws, hammers, and jumping off of the tallest thing he can find. 

Brooke’s Daughter is 2 1/2 and she is the sweetest little thing. She loves to hug anything she can wrap her arms around. She is a tough little thing though because she has to put up with her brother. This is Brooke’s newest addition to her family. She was born in August 2012.

Brooke likes to sew, cook, bake and try anything new- but Brooke’s favorite thing to do is play the fiddle on the weekends at the Big Texan Steak Ranch. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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