Repurpose: Diaper Box into Denim Box

 My 12 year old twins go to middle school and have to wear uniforms and didn’t have any room for all these extra clothes in their dresser.  So they have been keeping their clothes in a diaper box under the bed.  I promised that we would turn the diaper box into something else that didn’t look like a diaper box, or have a baby on the front.  I am just now getting around to keeping that promise.  I don’t know why it took me so long, it was so easy and quick!

I covered the diaper box with some heavy duty denim fabric that I bought at a yard sale a couple of years ago.  This was incredibly easy!  It only took about 15 minutes.  Making the liner in easy too.  There is a tutorial on Make it Love it if you are interested in making your own liner.  

When I made my liner, I just measured each side of the box and added an inch to the top and side for seam allowances.  Then I sewed all the pieces together.  Fold over the edges and sew a seam casing for the ribbon and you’re done!  Easier said than done, right?  It’s really not that hard.

Here is how I recovered my box.  This is actually the second one that I did.  My boys loved the first one so much, that I decided to make a second one.  They fit perfectly under the bunk beds and look so much organized than the system they are using now.

First, measure the top of your box.  Mine is about 11.5 inches tall.  So I made sure to cut about 15 inches around the box so I could fold over the sides into the box.  More on that later.  The first box I use was very sturdy.  So I cut off the flaps that fold to make the top.  This box has been used and abused by my boys.  They folded the flaps into the box and used packing tape to secure them, so I left it that way.  I figured that the box would be that much sturdier.

Cut your fabric around the box as shown.  I cut 15 inched around the entire box. Now cut a square out for each corner.  I measured 2 inches  out from the corner and then cut the square out.

This is the spray adhesive that I used.  There is NO sewing to recover the box, only to make the liner.

Spray the bottom of the box.  It is best to do this in a well ventilated area.  Outside would be best.
Place the box in the center of your fabric.  Then turn the box upside down and smooth the fabric over the bottom of the box.

Now for the sides:  I did the longer side first.  Spray the whole side of the box and smooth the fabric over the box.

Now spray the inside of the box, just enough for the fabric to cover.  You don’t have to spray the whole inside. Then repeat on the other side.

This is what your box should look like now.  The long sides are done and now we are ready to do the short sides.  Before you spray for the short side, you need to spray a little to attach the remnant from the long side onto to the short side.

Now you need to make sure your fabric folds this way.  You are going to spray the short side of the box, but as you attach your material to the box you need to fold in the sides.

Here, my fabric is attached and the sides are folded.  Now spray into the fold and apply pressure.

Spray the inside of the box to attach the rest of the fabric and then repeat on the other side.

Now your box is done and the liner can be made.  So cute and easy!

Nativity Block

A couple years ago, our Relief Society made these Nativity Blocks.  Since then, it has been one of my favorite Christmas decorations and they were super easy to make. 

You can get the glass blocks at Hobby Lobby and one of my friends cut out the vinyl of the Nativity Scene.  The glass block has a hole at the bottom of it where I put the Christmas Lights and some ribbon inside.  Then I just tied a bow around the block and was done!  

Super easy and cute!!

Honey Butter

My seven year old boy has a love of cooking.  About once or twice a week he will ask me if he can make dinner.  And when he asks, he already knows what he wants to make.  

This week he wanted to make chicken noodle soup with rolls and his famous honey butter.  And he wants to do it all by himself.  I just hang around to answer questions, clean a little bit and offer suggestions.  🙂  And I will have to say, he made one good dinner that we all ate up!

Honey Butter

1/2 cup of soften butter

1/3 cup honey

1/2 cup powered sugar

1/4 tsp. cinnamon

Cream all ingredients together for a minute or two until nice and fluffy.  

(We used a stand up mixer.)

Serve at room temperature over some warm rolls. 

Burlap Wreath Giveaway

****This giveaway is now closed****

We have an exciting giveaway to announce…

Last week we had so much great feedback on the Burlap Wreath here  that Brooke decided to make another one for a giveaway!!  The amazing sisters from Six Sisters’ Stuff, are hosting the giveaway.  So head over to their blog to enter…you all have one week, so hurry!

We can’t wait to see who wins!

Lamp Makeover

I have been looking for a lamp to put in my daughters room.  I finally found one at a thrift store yesterday for $1.41. I have no idea where they got that price, but yes, $1.41.

After the makeover- the lamp is so cute and goes with Madi’s room so well!!

Here is the lamp before, I know- not very girly.  It definitely needed a makeover. 

 I did not want to spend any money, so I gathered items around the house- 

Spray Paint, Hot Glue, Lace and Material

I started to make flowers out of the material and glue them on the lamp shade.  I did not really know what kind of pattern I wanted, so I just started making them and gluing them on.

Here is how I made the flowers…

Tear the material in about a 3 inch strip and tie a knot at the end.

Twist and glue the material as you twist it around the knot.

Keep twisting and gluing until you get the desired size of the flower.

Here is what the lamp looks like after.  I spray painted the base of it white and added flowers all over the lampshade.